Development revolves around identifying then realizing the maximum potential value of any given site. We work closely with property developers to advise on the viability and feasibility of proposed developments and how we can achieve a successful outcome. Many of the ground rules for property development have changed recently, whilst the viability of many commercial property developments has been seriously compromised. Obtaining experienced professional property development advice has never been more important.

Our consultancy approach is based on giving high quality, straightforward advice that cuts straight to the key issues. Having identified these issues, we then apply a range of approaches to find the best solution. We assess the risk strategy for procuring works and advise accordingly. Our flexible approach enables us to tailor-fit processes and solutions to your needs for each project.  

Our services include:

• Understanding and developing the brief
• Developing a project plan
• Preparation of development appraisals
• Project planning and cost control
• Drafting agreements and contracts
• Contract advice and appointing specialist consultants
• Developing management reports
• Advising on procurement strategies
• Establishing collaborative working arrangements
• Managing the supply chain
• Tendering and contractor selection
• Build Management
• Change Control